Article Marketing Strategy: Building Backlinks

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Are you ready to create an article marketing strategy that totally rocks? Those of you who are looking for a great way to meet the demands of article writing are surely going to find this information helpful. Article marketing can be done several ways by building backlinks, using spinning software and posting your work in several directories.

 Read on to see how Backlinks are a Vital Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Strategy

Article Marketing Strategy: Why Backlinks?

If you are curious why you should build backlinks, let me explain it to you. Backlinks are what will drive search engine optimization more than anything. There are several ways to do this but it’s knowing which ones to use that are going to be profitable for you. You can use several article directories as well as create backlinks using some social media tools. The key is putting your articles out there, changing them up a bit and then using a social media outlet to get them posted. This means the more outlets you have for your articles, the faster you get your work out into the World Wide Web.

Article Marketing Strategy: Spinning Software

As for using spinning software, this is a tool to help you change up your articles a bit. Spinning means that your article might be altered somewhat but deliver the same message. The way the spinning is done is through using synonyms so that you are getting the same message but just with different terms. In some cases it may alter your sentence structure, so be sure to double check your work before you publish it. There are some different spinning software programs out there, but all you have to do is pop your articles in there and follow the instructions. Spin Rewriter is my preferred article spinning software just because of it’s ease of use and effectiveness.

Article Marketing Strategy: Article Directories

There are so many article directories out there that it’s tough to know if one is better than another. A good rule of thumb is to consider which directories are getting the most page views. You can check Alexa rankings and you will find that there are many out there like the Yahoo! Contributor Network, Technorati, eHow, Squidoo, and many more. Posting your work in these directories is the key to getting more traffic and getting more exposure online.

What is Your Article Marketing Strategy?

article marketing strategy

Do you have a strategy right now for your articles? Do you know what direction your work is headed? If you don’t then you need to come up with a plan. Your future could depend on it if you are building a home based business. You need to market yourself in various ways, but one way to do it is through writing articles and blogging. These platforms are powerful and they really give you an edge so that everyone can get access to your work and look to you as an expert.

Now that you know a bit more about writing articles and the use of spinning and directories, what is your article marketing strategy?

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