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The empower network catching on like CRAZY, so it’s no coincidence that you are looking at joining Empower Network.

BUT what really interests me is WHY you are looking at joining… Is it because of all the buzz you’ve heard? Could it be that you’ve see it all over FaceBook or Youtube?

Maybe you were told to do so by some marketing friends about how much money they are generating with Empower Network, and you want to make money in Empower Network also?

Certainly all those things are attractive and certainly possible, but let me share with you….


5 Great Reasons To Join Empower Network

#1 The Leadership

I firmly believe that Leadership is the most critical component to anything, whether it be a Dave Wood/Dave Sharpetraditional brick & mortar business, a network marketing company or an affiliate program. Leadership is paramount to that foundation.

In saying that, I want to talk briefly about the co-founders and creators of Empower Network, David Wood and David Sharpe. These are absolutely great guys!

David Sharpe comes from a past of fighting the battles and horrors of addiction and alcoholism. He made a decision in early 2008 to change, get clean and sober and get his life complete. He found the marketing industry (or the industry found him) and after months of struggle, he made it!

David Wood was homeless at one time living in a Dodge caravan. This guy was literally going hungry & needed success. He is now one of the top earners in the NWM industry and is a close friend of mine.

One of the characteristics that make these guys Leaders is their willingness to be totally transparent about their conflicts inside of the industry. They are not shy of telling you what adversities they’ve had to overcome to be successful inside network marketing.

In my 10 years of marketing, I have always made it a mission of mine to learn from the people that are making things happen and I believe these two gentlemen are not only leaders, but they have created a system that promotes success and cuts through all the online crap.

A system that will create massive fortunes all while helping thousands of other people JUST LIKE YOU succeed and have the ability to make things happen for themselves for many years to come.

#2 The Products

From the outside, it looks like the product that empower network markets is just a blogging platform. However it’s not just any blog.

It is a complete SEO optimized WordPress blog that is already self hosted and has a maturing domain. The benefit of this is since hundreds of people posting on it, your posts have a greater likelihood of getting ranked on Google than if you were posting on your own brand new blog.

Besides the blog, you’ll receive get a high-converting lead capture page and sales funnel complete with videos. So the product behind the product is a highly profitable viral system for online success.

Empower Network ProductsAll you need to do is create content & drive traffic to it and let this income generating system take over and do all of the selling for you.

On top of that, the leads you generate are yours to do with whatever you want. You can direct them to an autoresponder series of your choosing that will help funnel the leads to whichever destination you see fit… be it your primary network marketing business or another affiliate offer.

Here are Links to Learn More About Empower Network Products…

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Are You Starting To See The Power Of The Empower Network?

#3 Training

It’s very difficult to add up all of the value and training that the Empower Network offers within a few sentences…there’s just too much! To get you on the right path to success, the Empower Network offers 8 fast start training videos that instruct you step by step on how to get started.

These trainings are recorded by David Wood, who in case you didn’t know has generated almost ALL of his income ONLINE! As well as Dave’s training, you’ll receive training from other TOP internet marketers.

All of this would normally cost over a $1000 dollars, but are yours just for being a part of the Empower Network “inner circle”.

#4 Compensation

I believe that this is where the Empower Network really shines! With all of the affiliate programs and marketing systems out there, none of them pay you out “ALL” the money.

Sure, they may pay you out 25%-50%, but ONLY the Empower Network pays you 100% commissions on each of the products you personally own.

The Empower Network also integrates a ‘pass up’ feature that is solely designed for you to be profitable within ANY of the 3 levels inside our system.

#5 Support

While the Empower Network is still in it’s infancy, there are teams popping up everywhere. My team, Team Take Massive Action has its own Facebook group with close to 4,000 members as I write this.

Many of us are seasoned networkers dedicated to your immediate success. We offer lots of training and support to get you into profit FAST.

The main reason for all of the support is because your sponsor receives the 2nd, 4th and 6th sale you make, and then every 5th sale after that. Now before you shoot smoke out of your ears, understand that you’ll get that too!

This feature is in place so your sponsor doesn’t ditch out on you. Your income and Empower Network Success helps determine their income, so there is vested interest in your success.


So there they are – 5 absolute reasons to join Empower Network. If you are ready to be a part of a a community and a system that is creating immediate income, training and hope for average people, then take action NOW and join…..

What’s That? Still not convinced?

Here’s What I’m Willing To Do To Work With You

Those that choose to join Empower Network thru my link.. will get These KILLER BONUSES:

Bonus #1 - You will be able to participate in our team’s Co-Ops. These are for our Private team ONLY and we have many leaders per co-op strategy

These Co-Ops have been responsible for driving hundreds of leads to our member’s sites and also multiple sales on each!

A $187 value…

Bonus #2 – I’ll share with you exactly keyword research process I go thru to get my content to rank on the first page of Google. This includes keyword research parts 1,2, & 3 and even tracking tips.

A $297 value…

Bonus #3 – As I mentioned earlier, our Team has it’s own FaceBook group & Training Site that includes some of the brightest Internet Marketers around that will assist you in getting off the ground & into profit. The support you will get from our group is Unparalleled and it is yours FREE for joining my Empower Network Team!

A $497 value… PRICELESS

Now THAT’S what I call value just for joining through my link!




NOTE: Once you’ve joined & seen all 8 of the fast start training videos in the Empower Network Back Office give me a call @ 806.799.4072… I want to know who I am working with!

Empowering You,

L.R. Hand