Article Marketing: 3 Article Marketing Strategies To Lure Them In

by L.R. Hand on February 21, 2011 · 0 comments

3 Article Marketing Strategies That Will Generate Traffic

Let’s face it, article marketing strategies are in high demand due to the fact that article marketing is one of the premier ways marketers can generate free, targeted traffic online. My question to you is this: Can you make your reader say “Yes” to your offers and make your article worth reading and not deleting?

Article marketing is all about putting the reader first. Think of their needs and how you can provide for that need. In order to do this, you need to inject your knowledge, information of the subject at hand and your own personality into the article.

Here are 3 article marketing strategies you can implement to make your readers say “yes’.

Article Marketing Strategy #1:Keep your reader’s interest

Before you begin to write, mentally sketch out a blueprint of what topics you can discuss and questions you can answer for your reader. Most readers are looking to be informed and somewhat entertained as they take in the information.

A key article marketing strategy is to present a problem that the reader might be experiencing (example: How can I generate more leads online?) and then present a solution in great detail. Provide as much value as you can to your reader; this will build trust with your reader. This includes strategies, tips and examples if you can. The questions you need to be answering should be obvious and frequently asked by the reader.

Also, make sure you are upbeat and positive throughout the article all the way to the end. Nobody wants to read an article that is dull and lifeless. Repeat readers and subscribers to your content will look forward to additional posts if the content is informative and entertaining to read.

Article Marketing Strategy #2:Content and Article Flow

A catchy, attention-grabbing title will garner your reader’s time and attention the instant they see your article. The title needs to draw them to read the following article marketing content. Make sure you research and think hard on your title as this is your introduction to your reader. He or she needs to feel like you are talking with them face to face with the title.

article marketing

Article Marketing

Lastly, one of the most overlooked article marketing strategies concerns your resource box. A resource box is normally found below the article itself. It is recommended that they be about 5 or 6 sentences depending on the preference of the directories that you are submitting them to.

Here are the key elements to be included in your resource box:

First, include your name and a little bit about you. Be truthful and honest about your description and maybe touch a little bit on your accomplishments in a convincing sentence.. Don’t go overboard, just let the reader know that they are learning from a credible person.

Secondly, include your website URL or your blog URL. You are basically inviting your reader to learn more about you, your business and maybe you can even capture the reader’s e-mail address and begin to build some trust and a relationship with this person.

Article Marketing Strategy #3: Call to action

Call To Action

The last of the article marketing strategies that I want to share with you is the need to have a call to action for your reader. Whether you are trying to be persuasive with your article or informative, you would be remiss not to include some sort of a call to action at the end of your article. This doesn’t need to be an in-you-face command, but you do want to simple suggest that your reader do something to take desired action.

Check out this examples:

“Don’t wait to get started, click here to start your own branded sales funnel today!”

“To get the latest blog updates, you want be sure and subscribe to my blog.”

“Do me a huge favor and leave a comment to tell me what you think about today’s post.”

“Claim your free ‘XYZ’ report by clicking here.”

“If you love this post, share it with your friends on Facebook and Tweet about it!”

There you go, some simple article marketing strategies to get you on your way to becoming a traffic-generating machine with articles. Remember to provide more value to your reader than you expect to get in return. Through this, you will not only garner respect from your readers, but you will also slowly begin to amass a following of loyal readers, buyers and people willing to associate themselves with you and syndicate your content all over the Internet!

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To your continued success,

L.R. Hand

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