MLM Closing Part 1 – When & How to Close & Mindset

by L.R. Hand on March 10, 2012 · 0 comments

Hey Folks,

So far I’ve covered Mindset, Prospecting & Presenting in the last few emails.

This week I want to cover the last step in the Recruiting Process…


MLM Closing

Now what exactly is a close?

Well, first off, I want to talk about what Closing is NOT. Closing isn’t about trying to manipulate, confusing or pressuring people into doing things that are against their better judgment. (That kind of closing is dangerous & offensive.)

Basically, closing is HELPING people make the decision that is best for them. This is a mutual agreement between two parties…Period.

By knowing their Needs & Wants & by being Honest makes it so much easier to help guide them along this process.


Knowing HOW to close when a prospect is ready is really the difference between an amateur networker and a successful one.

Being a great closer, I believe, is the most sought-after skill in MLM. I believe the best closers in the Industry tend to make the most money in the least amount of time because they know 3 Major things:

WHEN to Close…

The close takes place at the beginning of and all throughout the presentation – not just at the end. If done right, the conclusion of your presentation will only be a few simple questions that will confirm they are ready to get started.

HOW to Close...

They know how to ask “Yes” questions. Each time a question gets positive feedback, a close is being made. If you ask enough of the right questions to enough of the right people, you will get enough of the right answers!

WHEN to Shut the Hell up…

Trying to “sell” your opportunity at the end instead of simply asking for the commitment is a set up for disaster. All of that work done for nothing and leave you asking, “What Happened?”

So here is how we begin to transform into a Great Closer.

MLM Closing MindsetMindset – I talked about mindset about 7 posts back and hopefully you are seeing how it plays an intricate part throughout your recruiting efforts.

I know for a fact that your belief, your honest belief is crucial during closing. Your belief in Yourself, Company, Industry and your Posture will all come into play during this phase….again...this is all Mindset.

However, you also need to be attentive to the Mindset of your prospect. You see, they STILL have reservations about joining or else they would be in already. They are still asking if you can really help them achieve success?

Do you still have their need in mind and can you help them get to where they want to be in life? Can you assist them in attaining their goals?


I always have the mindset and expectation that my Prospect is going to be better off joining me rather than anybody else.


Because of my belief and posture in what I am doing. I don’t act like a Pawn, I don’t project my past failure onto my prospect when closing….


I act like a Leader.

I have Leader habits.

I have Leader thoughts.

I hang around other Leaders, etc.


This self-belief of success is projected and it manifests itself in my recruiting day in and day out.

Harp on that today and re-read it 3 times…

See you on the next post!

You Rock,

L.R. Hand


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