MLM Prospecting Part 1: Traits of the Great Prospectors

by L.R. Hand on February 26, 2012 · 0 comments

Welcome back to my trainings!

I wanted to mention first off that I am going to be spending my next 3 articles educating you on the 2nd step in building your MLM business and that is MLM Prospecting.

Now we’ve already discussed the MLM Mindset that you must have before you build, so now it is time to get into some meat ‘n’ taters of actually building.

Ok, on to MLM Prospecting….

MLM Prospecting

We all know MLM prospecting is vital to not only qualify top people for us to work with but it’s also about having certain skills in place so that we can call on them when we are out in the field prospecting.


Here are just a few traits every great prospector has:

Trait #1 Passion – You need to have a serious passion for Freedom for Living Life on Your Terms (this is contagious)! Also have a passion for helping others live their dream, get out of debt or whatever their “why” is.

Another passion to have is for your Product. Not only will this keep you on your product, but it will help you develop a terrific testimony for you to share.

People Are Attracted To Passion, PERIOD


Trait #2 Consistency – In order to be anywhere near the ballpark of success, you must be consistent. Not only is this just doing something daily, but doing it better each time and improving on your skills.

Doing something a lot doesn’t mean you’ll get better results. You must try and improve every time you prospect.

I call this Perfect Practice!

Also, I suggest that you pick a number from 1-10 and make that your daily number of people to expose your business to. Any different method of building will work if you will place emphasis on doing it daily and getting better.

Consistency + Displayed Passion = Success

Trait #3 Expecting Success – You need to get to the point where (if you do as I lay out) you’re kinda shocked when you don’t get a sign-up. Now this is somewhat of a mindset trait, but it also applies here.

Now I’m not talking about taking a “NO” personally or getting frustrated if you get shot down…we all get shot down.

I am simply talking about getting to the point to where, if you have led them through the process of recruiting and you have evolved your MLM Mindset (confidence & posture) & presenting skills, that you are actually a bit surprised if they don’t sign-up.

Notice I didn’t say Pissed Off, but surprised and eager to do better the next time….Expect to be successful!!



Trait #4 Steady Communication – Staying in front of your prospect’s mind is Really Important.


Because even if you don’t sponsor that person, you still want to be the first person they think of when the time IS right for them.

So how do you stay in front of your prospect?

By not being pushy and by not trying to sell them when you speak with them.

MLM Prospecting using AutorespondersI always prefer to communicate with them only when my company has a new product launch that they might be interested in or if there is an event close to where they live.

Sometimes, depending on my relationship with that person, I will just call once every 4 or 6 months just to see how things are going and see if anything has changes.

Simple stuff, but it gets my name back into their mind.

I also drip on them with my autoresponder letters as well and try to provide some value to the that way as well.

In the next post, I’m going to be going over some prospecting strategies for a exposing a prospect to information & events.

To your continued success,

L.R. Hand



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