MLM Sponsoring: Prospecting With MLM Posture

by L.R. Hand on March 20, 2011 · 0 comments

Let’s Find Out How MLM Posture Can Change Your Business

MLM PostureWhen most people think of posture they think of the upright, straight position or carriage of the body, but there is another posture that is related to your MLM business… it is called MLM Posture.

Your MLM posture will make or break any presentation you give. It then becomes crucial to your success to start developing this skill-set as soon as possible. So in this article I am going to layout what posture is and how to get it.

I. What is MLM Posture?

Your MLM posture is no doubt the most important part of your presentation. Now since we all come into this industry from different backgrounds, it is safe to say that we each have different skill-sets and posture that we can lend to our presentations; some people will naturally have it and some will not. That being said, we all have the ability to learn and need to concentrate on making ourselves better in all areas including our MLM posture to achieve MLM Mastery.

When you speak to a prospect about your MLM, whether it’s someone you know or someone you just met, your posture is the first thing they will pick up on. This is the impression that you leave them within the first 15 seconds. It will absolutely let them know whether or not they will be paying attention to the rest of your presentation with an open mind or shut you down with a closed mind.

So now that you know what MLM posture is, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of how to get it.

II. How to Get MLM Posture

As I stated previously, some people have just naturally have a good speaking posture, while others have to work at it. The first important trait or posture is confidence. Nothing says success like having confidence.

MLM Posture

When you are new to the industry, it is absolutely crucial that you borrow confidence from your upline(s) until you develop your own. Another way of gaining confidence is to develop it yourself.

Here are 3 ways of developing mlm posture with confidence:

1) Knowledge Base

Have extended knowledge about each of these:

  1. Product – Meaning you must be a product of your product. Your belief as well as your posture will skyrocket if you are a true testimony of your own product.

  2. Compensation Plan – The majority of people come into MLM to make money. If you cannot describe how to make money, your confidence isn’t going to be worth anything to you or your prospect. Get to know your Pay Plan.

  3. Success Stories Within Your Company – By knowing the successes of others within your company, you will be able to relate their successes to your prospects. For instance, if Alan is a 6-figure earner within your company and he was previously working in construction, then it is very easy for your prospect to identify with someone who is having success who comes from a blue collar background.

2) Work on Yourself

Build your MLM posture by hanging around successful people; winners like to hang around other winners, so go where the winners are. A few examples are your company specific events, chamber of commerce mixers and basically attending functions and associating with success-oriented people.

Working on yourself also includes reading success-oriented books such as Think & Grow Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad to mention a couple and listening to success-oriented audios from people such as Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki. Fill your mind with successful thoughts so that they become successful actions.

3) Play to Positive Words

Your use of words is paramount when talking to prospects and also your downline. When you are confident, you’ll tend to talk more confidently and use words and verbiage that make people respond, thus improving your MLM posture.

Why will they respond? Because people respond to authority and people they perceive to have it.

MLM Posture

Here are a few words and phrases to use: I Will, I can, I’ll do this, Definitely

Here are a few words and phrases to avoid: I think, I’ll try, Probably, I can’t, Maybe

Another place you are going to want to make sure you are using positive words is in your self-talk. When you speak positively to yourself, you will build up your confidence in your mind which will translate to your actions and your mlm posture. After all, success success and defeat is born in the mind. So step out and tell yourself the truth you need to be successful. Great MLM posture is not achieved overnight by anyone. It comes with practice and lots of field work. Take the knowledge you acquire from reading books, events and audios and apply them daily to your business. As your confidence grows, so will your business and without a doubt, you’ll have achieved MLM posture.

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To your continued success,

L.R. Hand

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