MLM Closing Part 2 – Painting a Vision with their Wants, Needs & Desires

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OK Folks,

In the last post on closing I talked about Mindset and when & how to close. I now want to expand on your prospect’s mindset and their buying habits.

It’s funny but true, people love to buy but hate to be sold!

MLM Closing

Don’t believe me? Well think back to the last time you were at a department store and the sales representative came over and asked if they could help you.

I’ll bet you said something like, “No, I’m just looking, thanks.” Am I right??!!

Wanna Know WHY????

Because people are emotional creatures; we buy with emotion….that’s why!! If we are not emotionally invested or need something, we sure as hell don’t need to be talked into buying it.

Something else…

People will argue & gripe about spending $.50 extra on toilet paper, but will buy $500 front row seats for a George Strait concert or spend $200 for an autographed picture of the Jersey Shore idiots because these are pleasure triggers.

We like things that give us pleasure and pleasure is an emotion!

Know What That Tells Me???

That people do exactly what they want to do with their money.

So if we can find their main reasons for wanting to make money, we can use that to illicit positive responses.

Note: When you are asking them (from the beginning) why they are looking at a home business, get to the REAL reason. Don’t just settle for the “I just want to make money” answer.

Instead, ask what that money will do for their life. Maybe allow the kids to go to private school, make extra car payments, whatever it is, make sure their “WHY” is greater than a dollar amount. The money is a generic want, but the stay-at-home-mom trigger is emotional; get them to express it!

So once we know their main reason, we need to help them paint a picture with how we can help them attain their goal and what their life will be like when they achieve it.

For example: If Janet’s goal is to be a stay at home mom, I would simply ask her why she wants to be a stay at home mom. If she says to be closer to her kids, I would simply say….“Tell me a little more about that.” Very simple.

You see, I am having her SELL herself on her wants, needs and desires. All I am doing is directing her to her own conclusion! Once I get a good understanding of her “why” I can then use that as a way to remind her of her dreams when it comes time to close.

For example: If Janet has been through my process and it is time to collect a decision from her, I simply state, “Janet, do you remember how you said you wanted to be a stay at home mom and be closer to your kids and quite possibly home school them and make some extra income on the side to save for their college and future? Is that still the case? “ Janet says, “Yes I do & Yes it is.”

Right then I simply ask her if she has any other questions before she signs up. If she is ready to sign up, off we go, If not, I will ask her what objections she has and I will be going over those in my next post!!

If Janet answers that she is so-so on wanting to be a stay at home mom, I will not only remind her of her previous desire and then I will say this: “Janet, those were some pretty important goals that you mentioned the other day. What will happen if you don’t go through with your plan?” Janet might say, “Well, I’ll just have to go back to work and leave the kids in public school and they can just get student loans for college.”

This is where I say THIS “Janet how does that make you feel?” This is where her emotion comes into play, and whatever the emotion she gives me is the truth as far as I’m concerned.

If she tells me that it makes her sad, I can ask her if she is ready to do something positive that can, if done right, make that goal achievable. If she is on the same page with me and sees a way to make it happen, then buying isn’t going to be a problem for her!

If she tells me that she is okay with not going forward, then I let her go since I am not going to chase her emotion.<em>mlm closing</em> Training

You see, people lack vision. They are not necessarily lacking money, just lacking vision.

Help them see their vision so that they are able to tap into their hidden potential and start achieving their dreams as well.

I hope all of this is sinking in and makes sense to you, because you don’t want to have wasted both of your time and then not have anything to show for it.

When I post you next, I will go over some common prospects objections and how to understand them and overcome them.

L.R. Hand



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