MLM Mindset Part 1 – Belief

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Hey there,

I hope you enjoyed my 7-day orientation to Network Marketing. If you haven’t gotten the 7-day orientation email series, stop right now and put your name and email into the opt-in box to your right and get my Free 32-Page MLM Mastery and Recruiting Blueprint.

As I stated in those letters, I will be delving more into the topics that I feel are necessary for you to have ultimate success in your MLM business.


So let’s jump into the beginning mechanics of your MLM Mindset Training…

MLM Mindset

For today I want to talk about the MLM Mindset qualities that it takes to succeed and how to develop them. This is NOT done overnight and you should never stop working on your mindset, attitudes & beliefs.



Because your Mindset Determines Your Paycheck


There is just no other way of putting it.

When I started my MLM back in 2001, I NEEDED to get into profit and FAST. I really did not bother to sit down, think about my goals or get my beliefs or priorities right, because I just wanted to make money…

Big Mistake.

Even though I had a determined outlook and had been in sales before (I was a RainSoft Water Salesman), I really didn’t know how to handle disappointment or how to not just build a big but work on myself…daily.

So today I am going to give you 1 of the 2 aspects of MLM Mindset:

Belief – What it is and how it applies.


Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.” – Denis Waitley


That is the best way to describe belief and without going into “book mode”, I will give you what I feel are the 2 beliefs that will get YOU off the launching pad.

Belief #1 – Having a strong belief in Yourself. You MUST have an I CAN DO THIS belief. Make a list of your strongest qualities that you can apply to this business.

Some might include:

  • How you are a good people person.
  • How you have helped your local charity grow by ten fold.
  • How you readily identify and are able to work with different personality types and can influence decision making
  • How you have been a great closer in Real Estate deals.


Whatever you have as an existing skill that you could bring to the table needs to be written down.

Now the the qualities that you lack need to also be written down as well…it’s only fair and it only cheats you if you skip this step. How else can you get better at something if you don’t know what to get better at?

Some of these may include:

  • I am not a good speaker in from of people
  • I don’t have good social skills
  • I have No self confidence


The first set of qualities you DO have will lift you up and the second qualities you don’t have need to push you forward!!


There are many books on the subjects on which you lack, so I would definitely check into them. Also my MLM Mastery Blueprint closing section gives some good suggestions as well.


Belief # 2 – Belief in the MLM Industry, Company & Product.

The best way to gain belief with the MLM Industry is to engage.

What I mean by engage is to go to your Company events, whatever they are; be it annual events, regional events, local events, whatever. Also get on your company’s weekly calls or some company’s have President’s calls. This helps belief by tons.

Now a great way to get a better sense of belief with your product is to Be Taking Your Company Product. This is the best way to analyze your product and gain a better perspective of what it can do for you and for those you expose your product, too.


Guys I didn’t do this because I was a young DUMBASS who really thought this industry was all about sales and it wound up costing me a LOT of Money….so take my advice & work on your belief system.


Stay tuned to my next post because we are going be talking about MLM Mindset Part 2) Attitude – How posture & confidence build it.


Until then,

L.R. Hand



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