MLM Presenting: Types of MLM Presentations & Personalities To Know

by L.R. Hand on March 4, 2012 · 0 comments

In this training, I will be covering the different types of MLM Presentations as well as the four personality types you need to recognize in order to have a more effective presentation.

So today I want to talk to you about another vital aspect of your business building that you need to get good at…

Presenting Your Business

This is truly a learned skill and can be perfected as you go along your business building activities. This is basically articulating your points of your business or product so that your prospect can get a clear idea of what it entails.

MLM Presentations

The Different Types of MLM Presentations:

1-on-1These are pretty self-explanatory. This is where you and your prospect meet either at your home or a coffee shop, etc and you show them a business plan.

You can also do this over a webinar or Ustream, but whatever you decide, always come prepared. Be ready to recognize their want and need and be ready to cater to it. If they are more interested in your product, then by all means don’t spend the majority of your time talking about income.

Quite possibly, your company has an internet presentation that you can use.

2-on-1These are pretty effective and a great way to utilize your upline and since it is not always possible to get someone out to a scheduled in-home presentation or a hotel presentation, a great alternative is a 2-on-1 presentation. This again is easy for you because when done right, your upline does all the work!!

The easiest way to do a 2-on-1 presentation is to invite someone to your home, or meet them at theirs, or meet somewhere neutral like a restaurant or coffee shop.

Have your upline there as well so your he/she can do the presentation, help with any objections, and share their story. (This, again, goes back to validation!)

Your upline should also offer support to the new distributor when they are done with the presentation.

My experience has been that 2-on-1 MLM Presentations have a high success rate of getting the prospect exposure to your business and excited about getting more information in whatever your next step may be. It’s great, try it!!

Small groups (home parties & hotel meetings) These tend to be a little bit different due to different types of personalities within the room.

Just keep in mind that you will need to hit all of the personality types: analytical, fun-going, team players & the goal-oriented.

It is unlikely that you will have a large amount of just one specific personality within the room, so the more you know about how to trigger certain keywords that command their attention, the better.

Online presentations Once again these can be webinars, Ustream conferences or a combination. Again, these need to be catered to identify with the majority of your audience, not just one or two particular personality types.

The more personalities you can identify with using certain keywords and keyword phrases, the more “Yes’s” you will get when you state your call to action!

I will be covering more Keywords to use in a couple of articles.

Here are a few qualities to keep in mind when presenting:

Be interested in prospect

Don’t be distracted by other thoughts

Have sincere, friendly facial expressions

Communicate easily (don’t strain or be too rehearsed)

Make sure your body doesn’t distract from presentation

Be honest with them and no B.S.

Know what you are talking about

Communicate to your prospects level of understanding

Have the intention of making your prospects life better

In the next post I will be going into Stories and their selling power.

Until then…

L.R. Hand



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