MLM Prospecting – Prospecting The Water Personality Type

by L.R. Hand on November 8, 2011 · 0 comments

Take The Frustration Out Of MLM Prospecting

By Knowing The Best MLM Prospecting Techniques For Each Personality Type

During my last few articles, I have identified, analyzed and told you how to recruit 3 different types of personality types while your are mlm prospecting.

I have personally used this knowledge and practiced this for over 10 years and have sponsored many people into several of my mlm business in the past.

Now for the last of the 4 Personality Types…

MLM Prospecting -  The Water Personality

MLM Prospecting - The Water Personality

The Water Personality

You might know some of these people in everyday life. I am talking about nurses, the Red Cross volunteers, the church volunteers, the Meals on Wheels volunteers. These people honestly would give you the shirt off of their back and not ask for anything in return.

While prospecting these people, you will find no real resistance as far as ego trips, harsh attitudes and really no really specific questions because they will automatically try and see the good in you and trust you. They also tend to be easy to close into your business.

Some characteristics you might see as a weaknessMLM prospecting with this personality is that they do not make quick decisions; they are not assertive, thus making the more aggressive MLM prospecting leaders a little bit impatient.

They also tend to suffer from a lack of self confidence, but this is a quick fix as long as they get on the ball and start sponsoring. Also, if they feel as if your group is more like a family, they will open up and be way more assertive.

And once in your group, they will make everyone both upline and downline feel special and honestly, those that I have ever had on my team are loyal and can bring in a ton of people to their organization.

This was the 4th personality characteristics that you will encounter during your MLM prospecting endeavors. Click Here to see the 3rd MLM Prospecting personality and make sure you jot some of the keep points per trait down and keep the close by as you prospect.

For the rest of the list of the personality traits and more mlm tips and mlm strategies on building you mlm business, check out the MLM Prospecting Series from the beginning.

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