MLM Prospecting – Prospecting The Wind Personality Type

by L.R. Hand on October 22, 2011 · 0 comments

 Proper MLM Prospecting Is A Necessity To The Survival Of Your Business

Discovering Just How To Approach The Wind Personality Will Add Life To Your MLM Prospecting Efforts!

We all want our mlm prospecting to go as smoothly as possible and in order to make that happen, it is beneficial for you to quickly identify who you are prospecting. This is not only so you don’t waste your time, but so that you don’t waste your effort as well.

This next personality is easy to spot, easy to identify with and pretty easy to sponsor IF you know a few key things to look for!

The Wind Personality

mlm prospecting

MLM Prospecting The Wind Personality

We all know that one person who has 5,000 friends on Facebook, can manage to clean out the liquor isle in the store but can’t quite clean their car to save their life…yeah, those people. But, we need these people in our business because their mlm prospecting habits are crucial

Here’s how to get them in…

Talk to them about FUN; they are motivated by FUN. If you are involved in a company (as I am) that offers incentive and reward trips to the Caribbean, Alaska or wherever, these people will lend you their ear and be very attentive if you will speak about anything that involves a good time or meeting new people; they love to be spontaneous, travel and see what lies ahead.

Also, don’t bog them down with detail, as I said before, they are a little scattered and would rather have fun than horde money. If they are having fun they will be the first to tell everyone they know vie word of mouth, Twitter and Facebook, so there is mlm prospecting at it’s BEST!

We all have a little bit of each type of personality within us. Some personality traits are more dominant than others, and you know the wind personality type beyond a shadow of a doubt when you first meet them!

This is no doubt my favorite type to talk to when I am mlm prospecting just because they brighten my day and and always make me laugh.

In the next article, I will conclude my analysis of the 4 personality types and how you can benefit. If you missed my last analysis of the 2nd type of personality, you can click here to read MLM Prospecting – Prospecting The Ice Personality Type, or you can find them all at

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