MLM Prospecting Part 2: Controlling The Exposures

by L.R. Hand on February 26, 2012 · 0 comments

Hi there Folks,

In the last MLM prospecting post I discussed 3 traits of great prospectors. Although there are a few more, I wanted to get those out to you.

Today I want to talk about how to expose your business to your prospects and how to control that exposure to both your advantage and the prospect’s advantage using 3rd party tools.

The first thing we DO NOT want to do is start “pitching” people on our business. People, by nature,are sales resistant.

 They Love to Buy but Hate to be Sold!

<em>MLM Prospecting</em> with 3rd party toolsSo the approach we need to use is that of a 3rd tool. First off, these are great “door-openers” to get a measurement of the prospect’s interest level and they also give us control over WHAT we expose them to and let’s us dictate the PROCESS.

(Remember we should never be thinking of closing a person after just 1 exposure, but rather leading them through a series of exposures.)

The second reason we use 3rd party tools is that it helps us leverage our time by letting the Cd or whatever deliver the message we want to peak their interest with. It also takes the pressure off of you and it’s not perceived as a selling attempt by your prospect.

The third reason we use 3rd party tools is that it is a system that can be DUPLICATED…and that is the name of the game in MLM!! More on Duplication in later emails.


Okay, so…what are the steps to this method?

1) Open People Up – It’s no secret that the most successful distributors in MLM attained the top positions in their companies by using proven third-party tools.They know that people are very busy with their lives and need something else to do like they need a foot up their butt. Prospects need to be compelled to attend a larger exposure, so a CD is a perfect way to introduce them to your company and peak curiosity.

I prefer CD’s over DVD’s because, as I just stated, people are busy. A CD can be listened to on the way to work, at the gym, or any other “down time” a person has.

Just remember to not say too much when handing out the tool. Your job is to edify the tool, promise a follow-up time and leave. If you say too much, they will ask questions and YOU WILL LOSE THEM!

Hint: Hand out the tool at the end of a meeting with your prospect so that you don’t get “grilled”by the prospect. ;)

Here is how to edify:

“John, because of the information on this CD, our company now has 100’s of people earning in the $10,000/mo arena; it is Really incredible and the same crazy success is starting to happen to me.”

When MLM Prospecting You Have To Be the Messenger, Not the Message!!


2) Follow-up & Schedule Bigger Exposure – Now that the tool has been given out, the follow-up is next. Now is the time to follow-up and ask how they felt about what they heard.

If they are interested in learning more, then that is the time to get them scheduled to a live event. This could be a live conference call, a live webinar or if they are really serious, get them on a 3-way call with your upline.

(I will explain why 3-way calls are SOOO Important in the next post.)

That’s it for this training!

As always, thanks for you time & attention!

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To your continued success,

L.R. Hand


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