MLM Prospecting Part 3 – Power of 3-Way Calling & What to Say

by L.R. Hand on February 27, 2012 · 0 comments

Ok, Folks, pay extra close attention today!

In the last MLM Prospecting post I mentioned 3-way calling as a powerful offline strategy to get your new prospect some more information and to guide them to a bigger exposure.

First off, 3-way calling is a service that allows 3 people to talk to each other on the phone. …DUH!


I honestly believe that this is an overlooked strategy by most marketers for two reasons:

  1. They don’t know the benefits of it.
  2. They don’t know what to say.

MLM Prospecting:3 Way Calls

I’m going to address both of these issues, but first I want to start by explaining the benefits of 3-way calling.


Benefit #1It helps answer the prospect’s questions.

After the first exposure (CD or other tool) & follow-up, and a live event (conference call or webinar) & follow-up, your prospect might still have questions that you either cannot answer or do not want to answer.

This is where your upline comes in. Let him/her answer the prospect’s questions. Chances are it will be from a different perspective and it can possibly help train you at the same time.

If at all possible, get to know a whole host of people in your company that might be willing to do 3-way calls with you.

Not all 3-way calls have to be with your upline, they can be crossline & downline. This is especially true when you are needing a testimony or you want to match a prospect with a certain personality in your arsenal of upline personalities!


Benefit # 2 – It Validates You

When your upline is on the line and validates you as a key person on the team, it really is impressive to your prospect.

Your prospect is subconsciously excited that you can command the attention of someone enough so that they will get on the phone with you to talk with someone they don’t even know!


Benefit #3 – It Shows Teamwork

It is no secret that people like to belong to things bigger than they are especially if that something holds their same beliefs; it is human nature. Churches, fraternities, chamber of commerce, etc. are all filled with like-minded individuals all making up a whole.

Folks, It is No different in MLM.

 People need to know that there is an active and willing support team in their corner that they can call upon when they have questions or have 3-way calls to perform as well.


How We Use 3-Way Calling

Contact your telephone company to install it on your line. It does not cost me anything extra on my land-line and it is standard on my cell phone plan.

How do you do a three way call?

First, call your sponsor, and give them a short background on the prospect, (name, age, occupation, etc.) and then press the “flash” button on your phone, or the receiver button, and then dial the number of your prospect, and then when

it starts ringing, press the “flash” button again, and you will have both parties on the line.

 **Make sure your prospect has agreed to the 3-way call**

A 3-way call should go something like this:


This is where you introduce your sponsor to your prospect:

Note: Do not let them carry on a conversation with you first, and then tell them someone is on the line…it is embarrassing to everyone involved!

Mark, have I caught you at a good time? Great! I have my business partner *Alan* on the line who is an a rockstar with the company, and I was telling him about you, and he wanted to meet you…Alan are you there?”

Stay quiet and listen to your upline.


This is thanking both parties for their time and asking for the sale.

Mark, I hope that Alan answered your questions and re-affirmed what you can expect with our company. Are there any other questions or are you just ready to get started right away?”


The best way to get better at 3-way calls is to Practice-Practice-Practice.

Practice with your sponsor over and over, and get 3-ways down.

Network Marketing is driven by 3-ways, and it is the most powerful offline tool there is for third party validation, and recruiting.

Get your new distributor and make sure they practice, drill, rehearse 3-ways. The more that they doMLM Prospecting, the better they will become and the more money you both will make!

Next up, I will be going over Presenting the business model and how to effectively become a powerful presenter.

To your continued success,

L.R. Hand

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