MLM Recruiting: The Five Components Of MLM Recruiting Part 2

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The Five Components Of MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting is your best money making skill-set.

MLM recruitingAs we discussed last time, mlm recruiting is the number one skill in all of Network Marketing. We talked about the first two components: Confidence and Talking to the Right People.

We learned that confidence is one of the most important characteristics of mlm recruiting to possess and the good news is you can start developing it even if it doesn’t come naturally. Then we found out you don’t need to go out and recruit the world into your Network Marketing business. It’s important to look for people who are industrious, reliable, coachable and observant because let’s face it, you don’t have time to work with lazy, unmotivated people!

So let’s jump into the remaining components of MLM Recruiting that will aid you not only in your personal development and saving you time, but they will also assist you with your MLM recruiting efforts.

MLM Recruiting Tip 3: Getting people’s Time & Attention

When considering people for your business, always remember that people need something else to do like they need a shot in the arm. This being said, you really need to rely on your existing relationship with your prospects or develop relationship skills to allow you to have what professional MLM recruiters call “pull-power” to get your prospect’s time and attention.

MLM Recruiting: Capturing People's Attention


It has been said that selling is nothing more than knowing what you can ask for and get, so develop and rely on your pull-power to get your prospect’s time and attention.

MLM Recruiting Tip 4: Giving a Good Presentation

Your MLM Recruiting power is also based on giving a good, respectful presentation. Whether you are presenting in person, phone or an internet webinar, you must always be on time. Be proud that you have an audience and start off by earning their respect by showing up on time and don’t take it for granted.

MLM Recruiting: Giving a Good PresentationWhen giving a presentation, try and spend about 1/4 of the presentation on the product and 3/4 of your time talking about making money. 95% of your audience has tuned in to learn about making money or living a lifestyle that a good income can provide. Their pain is lack of money and a desire to earn it. Do not be afraid of talking about the money.

A good way to convey to your prospects that there is good money to be made is to tell success stories of those within your business who have done very well. People tend to relate well with ordinary people who came from humble, blue-collar backgrounds who dug in and were persistent in making their financial dreams come true.

MLM Recruiting Tip 5: Follow up & More Follow up

Not everyone you present to is going to join your business. You have to understand that this industry isn’t for everybody and you don’t want every unqualified schmuck in your business. MLM recruiting is a process and once you’ve identified who has the 4 characteristics and who you would like on your team, then make sure you follow up with them in a proper manner.

This doesn’t mean stalking them or begging them to join, but rather building a relationship and finding out what truly makes them tick and gently nudging them toward related info that educates them and helps them make a decision.

MLM Recruiting: Follow up

If the time isn’t right for this person to join, I always make sure that he knows if something bad happens to his life circumstances (loss of job, loss of income, etc.) that I am their first point of contact when he is ready to rebound and generate that income back. I am always positive, professional and in the back of his mind because I am doing it right.

MLM recruiting is the number one skill that all networkers need to master. It is a process, but when you master these 5 components, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to not only communicate your message, but to create more sales for your business.

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