MLM Presenting: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

March 5, 2012

One way to increase your team’s duplication 10 fold is thru story telling. Find out why it is an important step in your mlm presenting process.

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MLM Presenting: Types of MLM Presentations & Personalities To Know

March 4, 2012

In this training, I will be covering the different types of MLM Presentations as well as the four personality types you need to recognize in order to have a more effective presentation.

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MLM Prospecting Tips: How To Get To MLM Gold

February 28, 2012

Everyone is looking for MLM Prospecting Tips that will help them become better marketers. These 3 simple but effective MLM Prospecting Tips will have you turning up the gold nuggets in no time!

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MLM Prospecting Part 3 – Power of 3-Way Calling & What to Say

February 27, 2012

When MLM Prospecting, 3-way calling as a powerful offline strategy to get your new prospect some more information and to guide them to a bigger exposure.

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MLM Prospecting Part 2: Controlling The Exposures

February 26, 2012

Learn how to make your MLM Prospecting a lot easy with 3rd party tools, why you want to use them and how to implement this strategy.

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