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Are you tired of buying expensive lead lists only to be the 3rd person to pitch a MLM business to that lead? Tired of people who aren’t interested in your MLM opportunity? You know that you need to have people to talk to, but do you know how to get people calling you about your business?

Today, the old ways of MLM prospecting are gone. No more making a list of your friends and family and talking to anyone who gets within 3 feet of you. Now Web 2.0 and Online Marketing strategies make it so much easier to find people to talk to who are interested in your MLM. Best of all, you can still generate fresh, targeted leads each month with just a few simple online MLM strategies.

There are four major categories to online marketing that you want to concentrate on: Blog Marketing, Article Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Networking. The are a whole array of other marketing method you can do online that are easy to learn and can produce real results.

Let’s just look at an overview blog marketing for today. Your blog  is the main hub for your business marketing. This is where people can go to find more about you, your marketing style and where you display yourself as a leader. Blogging is a really easy way to generate prospects because all you really have to do is share some information about yourself and provide valuable content.

MLM blogging

To get started with hosting your own blog, you just need a domain name and a hosting service such as HostGator. You will set up a site through your HostGator service. There are also free hosting blog services such as or but they will not give you the freedom and flexibility that you are going to need to make your blog appealing to the search engines such as Google.

You can have a blog up and running in a matter of a few short hours. Once your blog goes live, you want to post to it every day or every other day. Just make sure that the posts are relevant to your overall focus and are keyword rich without being spammy. With good content, you will be generating prospects in no time.

There are some key elements that you want to be sure have on your blog: an opt-in form, ways for the reader to connect with you, a way to subscribe to your blog and ways for the reader to share your content. Let’s have a look at each one of these elements.

Opt-in Form

An opt-in form is simply that. It is a place where your lead can subscribe to your email list. This is where you capture your leads information: name, email and phone number. An added bonus to make your opt-in form more attractive is a video training series or give away something of value that they can use in their own business; it can be a free course, an e-book or free audio training. Just be sure that you have an autoresponder set up to have your emails automatically sent to your lead list.

Connect With Me

Another thing you want to make sure you have on your blog is a place for people to connect with you on your social sites like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. You want to make it easy for your readers to connect with you by adding a section of icons they can click on. This gives them more ways to get to know you and get more information from you.

social media icons

RSS Feed

It is important to have an RSS feed for people to subscribe to your blog. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed allows your blog readers to receive updates when ever you have a new post. This brings the reader back to your site.

Share Your Site

The last element you want to make sure you incorporate in your blog has a few components to it. You are going to want to add some widgets to make this easier. They are a Facebook Like button, TweetMeMe and Sociable.

Once you get your blog built and start posting article, you will need to start promoting your blog on forums and other places online. Promoting your blog on your social sites, in forums and other places is like sending out invitations to your party. Keep in mind that blogging is just ONE of the awesome ways to market your business online. But they all work together to drive traffic to your blog.

So building a blog and marketing online means NO buying expensive leads and talking to all those negative people. The other good thing is that what happens on the internet, stays on the internet! This is what is causing so many people to move from lead lists, hotel meetings and home parties to learning how to effectively market online.

There are so many ways you can market online. The best thing is to concentrate on one or two mlm online strategies and get really good at them rather than to try to do them all at once. You can always add more strategies as you go along.

The best thing to do now is just to get out there and DO IT! I know you’ll find what so many others have found… targeted MLM leads from the internet is the way to go!

To Your Success!

L.R. Hand

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