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MLM Marketing Secrets Successful People Practice

There are many mlm marketing secrets successful people do on a daily basis that have a tremendous effect on their success. Today, I just want to focus on three of those concepts and how it relates to you, your mlm business and your team’s growth. These concepts are easy to grasp by many but followed through by only a few.

MLM Marketing Secrets


Belief is the most underrated mlm marketing secret that I first want to talk about.

Now belief can go in a few different directions: Belief in One’s self, Belief in the Company, Belief in a leader, whatever. The fact of the matter is that most people that get into mlm totally expect to make money; this is a belief, except they don’t have the will to “DO”, they have the will to “TRY”. Try defeats belief.

Successful people in MLM constantly practice Belief. It sounds funny, but think about your religion. Don’t you constantly have to practice your faith if you’re serious? I was in Martial Arts for about 12 years and if I never went to class and practice, my belief would have diminished in my ability and the belief that I could ever achieve a 2nd Degree Black Belt would have gone to hell.

I will tell you that all of the leaders in mlm practice their belief by reading inspiring books, being around successful people at events and working their business. By working their business, they see results thus increasing belief.

It’s These MLM Marketing Secrets That Will Keep You In Business!!



The second mlm marketing secret that successful people practice is Focus

The Successful Know How to Focus on 3 Main Things:

    1. The End Result – And not focus on the daily grind of blogging, making videos, writing articles & SEO work. While all of this is important for lead generation, they know to focus on what makes them money and that is the End Result. Whether that is making money to invest or to retire early and live on the beach. They keep that end result in mind.

    2. PeopleProspecting for good people at least 75% of the time is a mlm marketing secret NOT to be ignored. Leaders must prospect to keep their group growing all while helping those key people in their organization who are taking action and producing results build in depth.

      They focus on building relationships with quality people and gently nurture that relationship, and sometimes that develops into a business relationship.

      Most new people will not stay focused for the first 1 to 3 months. They will lose belief, lose focus and go back to the old standby J.O.B.

    3. Recruiting – Do you know how many people are just renting their life from their employers? It is crazy bad. We have a better way and it is up to us to provide the “renters” with a vehicle out! Recruiting is considered “field work” for those of us in MLM. This is the action of turning prospects into members in your business. Click the link for a two-part series on some of the best MLM Recruiting you will find!

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Neither of the above concepts will do a person any good unless they work their business on a consistent basis. Consistency is the third mlm marketing secret and it is simply means setting a daily schedule, even if just for an hour per day, and working that schedule no matter what! This could mean talking to 1 or 10 people about your business per day or 30 people per week. It really doesn’t matter the number as long as it is achievable and achieved by you on a consistent basis.

Once you begin that process, you’ll begin to see things start to change, and you’ll see success in MLM appearing in the horizon because not only will you start seeing results, but your group will see you having success and the strong will try and emulate what you do and start to see their own group grow.

MLM is a monkey see, monkey do business and it is no mlm marketing secret that you have to put in the work. Think about this, how long would a doctor be in business if he only performed 2 in 7 surgeries correctly? Not very long. He needs to do consistent work if he wants to be employed for the long run. The same with you in your business.

Practice Each of These MLM Marketing Secrets For KILLER Results!

Most MLM Marketing secrets aren’t really secrets at all, but common business sense. However, many people overlook these and began to struggle in their business from the get-go! Apply these concepts and watch your business explode!

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To your continued success,

L.R. Hand


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