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MLM Prospecting: Know Your Target Audience

by L.R. Hand on January 19, 2012 · 0 comments

The First Step to Boosting Your MLM Prospecting Is To Know Your Target Audience

MLM ProspectingAre you looking for a better solution to your mlm prospecting? You should know that before you get started, you really need to know who your target audience is. How old are they? What do they do for a living? These are the questions that you need to be asking so that you know how to better prospect for your mlm affiliation.


I. MLM Prospecting: Who is Looking?

When you are prospecting for an mlm company, one of the first questions that you should be asking is who might be interested in this? What about asking, who might be good at this? These are important questions when you start prospecting for your mlm business. I find that those who are young, early to mid-twenties, young married couples, and those who want to plan for retirement are the most likely candidates when it comes to prospecting for an mlm company.

II. MLM Prospecting: Why These Individuals are Perfect for This

Did you know that these individuals we are talking about here are perfect for an mlm company for a reason? Those who are in their early to mid-twenties have a lot of energy and are very ambitious. As those individuals in this age bracket get married and have children they begin to look at things differently. Life isn’t about them anymore because it’s about them and their spouse, and if they have children they are responsible for taking care of them. Isn’t it scary to think that they would rely on just their full-time job in order to provide for their family now and in the future? This is why a home based business is perfect for them, and why mlm prospecting is geared towards these groups of people.

 MLM Prospecting: Know Your Target Audience

III. MLM Prospecting: Those That are Doers Succeed

When you are in actively working on mlm prospecting, you will find that those who are doers are the most successful. There are many people in life who you approach, and within just a few minutes you can tell if they are just hearing you or if they are doers. Those who are doers are the ones that you want to pursue, and although it’s normal to have questions about many things in life the fact is that at some point you need to decide who you should continue working with on recruiting. Those who continue to think about things are more than likely not going to be as successful, and are probably not going to join at any point in time.

IV. MLM Prospecting: Stick with It

Did you know that it takes time to get recruits into your business? It has been said that it might take you ten no’s to get to a yes! This is true, and that is because yes, not everyone is going to buy from you. You need to pursue them with confidence and act as if they are going to say yes, but if they don’t, it shouldn’t prevent you from moving forward.

Don’t give up on your mlm prospecting if you do get a no, because for those who gave up, success was just around the corner!


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