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MLM Prospecting Can Be Extremely Rewarding When You Know How To Prospect Each Personality Type

Learn How To Effectively Approach The Ice Personality And Watch Your MLM Prospecting Success Take Off!

MLM Prospecting, the key to recruiting, is vital for the growth of your MLM business. Knowing your prospect can greatly help you convert them into new distributors. In this continuing series, I am touching on each of the 4 personality types, how you can identify them and how you can effectively prospect them.

In this article, I will be discussing the second type of personality:

MLM Prospecting – The Ice Personality

mlm prospectingBefore you do any mlm prospecting with these left-brained freaks (kidding!), you need to have your facts straight, Literally!!!!

These folks are roughly 15% of the population and they thrive on FACTS and a strong desire to know and to be right. They will want to be educated on even the smallest details. Even though it may not matter to you, it will them! To these personality types, things must be perfect, I mean the stars must be aligned, wolves howling at the same octave, underwear folded in thirds then halved, etc!

The Ice folks to be Critical of others and procrastinate, so give them some room and even more important, know where to send them to find answers to their detailed questions!

Some of their natural strengths are being extremely organized, having great planning skills, and usually being very neat.

MLM Prospecting

So, what might you talk about when prospecting these types of folks?

Talk about the company’s strong, foundational leadership and where the founders attained their experience and vision for the company. Talk about how the timing of your product or niche is perfect for the times we live in or how it impacts people’s lives on a daily basis. Maybe also talk about where and when the company plans to expand in the future.

Basically give them only the facts they ask for and nothing more. You are their point of contact, but you can also send them to the information such as your website, live call or whatever to do their own research. Your MLM prospecting mission is to qualify them for your business not convince them and by all means do not spend all day with the Ice personalities because you will never get off the phone!

That wraps up the 2nd of the 4 personality types that you will be prospecting for your mlm business. Jot some of the points I made down, keep them by your desk and study them, because I promise a few of those that you call or that call you will be one of these personality types.

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