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LR Hand

From The Desk Of L.R. Hand:

I wanted to personally welcome you to a chance to work directly with my team.

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You see I am a highly successful Network Marketer. I diligently work with other 6 and 7 Figure Income Earners and I coach other like-minded people to become highly successful too... 

...As a result, my time schedule is very limited.

At this point as you are reading this page and getting ready to be a part of our winning team, there are over 1,500 + people who also want to do the same...

To ensure that my time is being utilized with the best quality people only, we were to forced to have an application system in place ....

Take your first action step right now and see if we are a fit. Simply fill out each field completely in order to qualify for a position on our team!

L.R. & Laura's Business Application

Please answer these questions clearly. Please make your answers only as long as they need to be. We are not looking for big essays, just tight answers that give us clear picture of who you are.